How to Choose Lightings

Informed designers know much about the importance of lightings. A good lighting can enhance your home decoration. Here, Jollyhome will tell you some tips about how to choose lightings.

Living room

As we all know, living room is important for you to entertain, relax and socialize. The multi functions of living room require higher quality of decoration.

1)  Ceiling light: Directly installed on the ceiling, Ceiling lights can easily make your living room fresh, lively and elegant.

2)  Floor lamp: Floor lamp is usually used for local illumination. Put it on one side of your sofa may help create a warm and romantic air.

Dining room

Apparently, lighting in dining room should fit your dinner table.  Pendant light must be the best choice. Tip: It cannot be too high, but the height and the light color should be adjustable.


People need to have a rest in bedroom. So the ceiling light in bedroom should be soft. While women usually make-up in bedroom, dedicate wall lights can be adopted in front of dressers.

Chinese Traditional Pattern Cool Wall Lamps White

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