How to Take Care of Beachwear

Swimming and sun bath must be the best choices in hot weather. As the necessary outfit, beachwear helps girls show their sexy and elegance. How to take care of the beachwear and maintain the elasticity and color? Jollyhome will give you some advice:                                                                                                          Fashion Design Four Pieces Swimsuits for Women Navy

(1). Before Swimming

1). Moisten your beachwear with clean water before swimming. Chemical agent in swimming pool and mineral substance in seawater can break down the spandex fiber and fade the color of your beachwear. Before you jump into swimming water, make sure your swimwear is saturated with clean water to avoid the immersion of swimming water.                   Cute 3pcs Bikini Women's Swim Systems Swimwear

2). Lotions and oils after wearing beachwear. Sun creams, tanning oils, and cosmetics are harmful to beachwear. Use them after you have put on your beachwear.

(2). After Swimming

1). Rinse out the sea salt powder, sand grains and other corrosive substance on the surface as soon as you can.

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2). Do not wring or twist your beachwear. Wrap it up into a dry towel and take it home.

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(3). Back Home

1). Wash your beachwear carefully as soon as possible. Make sure to wash your swimsuit carefully after each wear. Use mild detergent and warm water and do not wash in electric washing machine. Both hot water and cold water will break up the fiber of beachwear. No matter how gentle your washing machine is, it is still too rough for beachwear. Attention: rinse the detergent thoroughly.      New Fashion 3pcs Bikini Cute Beach Wear Casual Style

2). Dry in the shade. Do not use electric clothes drier or iron to dry your swimsuit.

3). Keep in cool, dry and ventilated place. Do not keep your swimsuit in plastic bags because they are not ventilated.

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